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Head cheese originated in Europe and quickly became a popular hors d’oeuvre and snack. Head cheese became popular in Europe and its popularity quickly spread to America. Many Americans eat hog head cheese. Mr. J’s Tamales & Chili has a proprietary recipe that calls for part of the calf as well as hog head cheese. Mr. J’s Head Cheese became the highest-selling Mr. J’s product after word got around Los Angeles about the amazing taste of Mr. J’s Head Cheese. The wealthy began to purchase Mr. J’s Head Cheese as an hors d’oeuvre to entertain guests’ hunger prior to the main course. Soon, every dinner host and catering business was wondering where they could buy head cheese. Mr. J’s Tamales & Chili became Los Angeles’ largest producer of head cheese. Mr. J’s Head Cheese is made in 16 oz. packages and comes in two flavors- “hot” and “mild”. The next time you need an hors d’oeurve for a dinner party or an easy appetizer to satisfy hunger, be sure to try Mr. J’s Head Cheese.