Mr. J’s Tamales & Chili is a minority owned family business that was founded in 1985 and is located at 11200 Alameda Street, Lynwood, California90262.

Mr. J’s father was making and selling tamales in Kansas City, Kansas from a tamale kart on the street corners in Kansas City for 15 years. Mr. J learned to make the tamales from his father and continued his father’s recipes in making his tamales. Mr. J came to California in 1982 and started selling tamales from a tamale kart on the street corners in Los Angeles. Mr. J’s tamale karts were one of the first karts approved to sell on the streets in Los Angeles.

In 1985 Mr. J’s Tamales & Chili purchased a USDA food processing plant and started specializing in other quality food products. Those products are being sold in retail stores in Southern California.